You Know You’ve Hit a Nerve When. . .

“The theological implications of the situation’s oligarchy deems a philosophical response of quid-pro-quo, and would therefore necessitate the appointing of a less disenfranchised monarch to facilitate the monopolizing of revenues, and you can further analyze the results“. . . here.

Looks as if someone didn’t appreciate my critique.

Gotta love the folks at FredBugle. If they can’t beat ’em, they can always whine about it.

Yep, seems as if they have chosen me to be the one to take them on. Poor 25 year old Shaun Kenney, counfounding their best of efforts. . . kinda makes a guy feel worthwhile, ya know?

My response?

You know, one of the things I learned as a little kid was not to let other people get under my skin no matter what they say. I’m almost humbled by the attention FredBugle has decided to offer. I graciously accept!

Of course, one thing comes across very clear – they are scared, and as every military tactician knows, the rout is always more devastating than the actual battle.

Heck, even J.D. Morgan had something to say! My favorite line:

who is Shaun Kenney and why is he acting like such a twerp towards this website? It sure seems that he just another flunky of Mayor Beck and that he has not mind of his own.

Has not mind of his own, eh? I like the sound of FredBugle – the sound of retreat!

Keep ’em coming. . .

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