Just posted to a Google chatlist on alt.philosophy.kant to see whether or not I could get some good critique on Qantian Epistemology. It won’t come up for another three to nine hours (and I have no idea why it would take that long), but it’s worth a shot.

In addition to Einstein, I included a brief discussion of quantum physics and chaos theory. The thesis was that scientific proofs derived by quantum theory were in fact analytic a posteriori truths. Additionally, the impact of consciousness on experimentation and the implications of chaos theory also lead to a rejection of the hard determinism of Laplace and an embracing of non-linear determinism.

The paper can be downloaded at:


Now I know I have to be careful about spreading this paper around too much, but I can take some solace in that it is dated material, and I haven’t found a single piece of text that resembles this paper other than Dr. Palmquist and the Friesian School website maintained by Dr. Kelley Ross. Both great sites – highly recommened if you are interested in the effects that quantum physics has on philosophy.

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