Shelter From the Storm

And so it came to pass that Jason and Jonathan signed a lease for a new apartment. The process of finding an apartment was not an easy one. They had delusions of grandeur to begin with, as they were very keen on these los angeles apartments. Maybe one day! They spent a lot of time looking online at the different types of apartment complexes available. Unsurprisingly, they liked the ones with resort-style amenities – don’t we all! They told me on more than one occasion that they liked the Altana apartments, so were looking for something similar a bit closer to home. In the end, they found an apartment that they were happy with. But not just any old apartment; an apartment in the same complex (and with ideally the same layout) that my mother and father rented when I was born some 25 years ago.

So now it is a race to get them set up in time for New Years! Heh heh heh. . .

Christmas with the Kenney’s was altogether good. Poor Matthew ended up getting sick towards the end of the day, and not by a little. He’s still struggling today, but doing much better than before. Jonathan received a Wiggles guitar from good friends of the family, and I am now in possession of a stereo system that not only plays MP3’s, it attaches to my computer via a USB port. Very cool. You could go to this site to learn more if you are intrigued!

Oh, and Missy on the other hand got nothing for Christmas. Well not exactly nothing. Her jewelry isn’t ready yet. But it’s a-comin’, and she will be mightily pleased. Although it was awful hard to explain to her what I was getting her, how it wasn’t ready yet, and why it was going to take such a long time (psst. . . it’s a gold bracelet that one of her UVA roommates destroyed, unfortunately it’s hollow on the inside and can’t be hammered out or anything). Plus I still have a few other things for her that will accompany the jewelry, but I didn’t want to give it to her half-assed. Finish well – that’s a good motto.

Unfortunately today I have several things to accomplish. First off, I have to fix the gas heater downstairs since there is a faint gas smell. Second, I have to fix the tail pipe on the truck which decided to rust out yesterday. Truck sounds great now, but not to State Troopers. Third, we have to clean this place up from Christmas, discard of the tree, pack up the Christmas gear, etc. Ah, the commercialization of the birth of Christ. How wonderful!

Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season!

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