So maybe — just maybe — the reporters at the WaPo are starting to feel just a teeny tiny bit silly. Silly enough so that maybe they need to throw Bob McDonnell a bone after running with the ridiculous thesis story?

Bob McDonnell’s campaign received a call this morning from a woman who called herself “Jennifer” and claimed to be a freelance reporter from the Connection newspapers in Northern Virginia. She asked for information about McDonnell’s schedule.

The problem? She isn’t a reporter. She actually works for Creigh Deeds’s campaign.

Ouch ouch ouch.  So just when the Creigh “Cooter” Deeds campaign is pulling the spin about how the phones are ringing off the hook, somehow this overcharged reset staffer manages to break through this newfound zealotry and make a phone call to… the opposition?

Bonehead move.

UPDATE: Jody Wilcox and Doug Mataconis are picking up on the Jenny Call.   “Amateurish” is about right, Doug.

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