Abortion Rights March Could Bring Thousands

Every year, the Right to Life March brings thousands upon thousands of people, usually in excess of 250,000 people. Rarely do the cameras pan the crowd – rather they focus on the six or seven NARAL and NOW folks from the Washington office who are standing in opposition. Six o’clock news stuff.

This year, pro-abortion activists will be marching in Washington for abortion rights. To be sure, the media is giving them full billing:

Armies of demonstrators headed for Washington on Wednesday for a weekend march in favor of abortion rights and global reproductive freedom that organizers hope will counterbalance sharp anti-abortion rhetoric from the White House.

Organizers of the March for Women’s Lives, set for Sunday on and around the National Mall, said on Wednesday they expect hundreds of thousands of participants from some 1,400 organizations and 53 countries.

ARMIES?! MARCHING FOR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS?! From 1,400 organizations (of dubious strength) and 53 countries! To counter that sharp rhetoric from those anti-abortion people who oppose such rights and freedoms!

Don’t worry, the Reuters article is far worse than I have made it out to be. . .

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