Grandma Update

Nanny woke up yesterday, talking and everything. She recognized me and Jonathan, but didn’t recognize Matthew or Missy. She still thought I lived at her house, thought that Matthew was my daughter, but was aware enough to tell me where the Oreos were on the back porch and to ask for a ham sandwich (no mayo, lettuce only). And cigarettes.

In short, the roller coaster continues. But the “brink of death” scenarios don’t seem to be playing out. Of course this could change, but it’s still good to see my grandmother doing better than before. I didn’t realize what a toll it has taken on my though – last night after I visited her, I slept from about 6:30pm to 7:00 this morning. 12 hours. . .

Then there is the ol’ laptop. It’s making noises. So I evaded the virus, yet the bearings on my hard drive are out. So that will cost me a good chunk of change to repair. So if the blogging and e-mail is light, you know why.

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