For those of you who like to laugh, check this out (or read the 13 comments in my post re: my grandmother’s passing):

will do. by the by… whoa! I read your plastered response to my comment the one you self assuredly “LABELLED” racists traditionalists Wow!!! VA, VA. VAVOOOM!!! I strongly believe I got your Luciferianesque Pride excruciatiangly irritated as to resort to the the lowest than lowest form of absolute application of professional tyranny of words!

You have truly displayed your real worth to a few or more souls who will happen to or NOT browse in your disgraceful display of willful ignorance and arrogance!

In browsing through your site i do not see you having a clear clarion plan/s on how to combat whatever you are current belief is ( As only the Triune God knows what they are in other words, what flavor of belief are you currently practicing?) Anyone can tell buy your site that clearly you are one of those apostates who are not aware that they have lost the One True Faith! Poor deluded and demented S. Kenney

I have a 30 million dollar question for “thee” do “thou” have any clue as to what is/are the real problem/s that’s causing the division/s in the instutional Roman Catholic Church

Or better yet what is label you may want to give as the IDEOLOGY/HERESY currently gutting the Rc Church (since clearly “thou” love to practive name calling and viscious labelling par excellence)!

S. k. replies: …”what in heavens name gave you the right to call me an iddiot huh? wretched sinner?… dah, dah, problem is dah… dah… Cani get back to you with this in a few years… as you can plainly see I really haven’t got a clue as to what you’re talking about I mean… dah.. what problem … I do not see anby problem … the church bis fien … it can not err… it’s protected by the promise of Christ Himself that the gates of hell shall not prevail against It! So, what exactly are you talking about verything is fine and you are just a trouble maker .. dah… dah.. .

W.S. replies: that’s precisely what I mean you do not have any clue as to what, who, why, how, nor when this extremely serious crisis in the Roman Catholic Chuch began and the major players! So, until you are well and fully equipped (with the grace of the triune God) the appropriate and objective facts coupled with “thy” properly and effectively functioning use of “thy” reason aided with thet One True Faith then Bye, bye, birdie! Sayonara!

And by the by — if only you could see the color of my skin — you will be shocked to the point of no return! Bye kiddo… Later! This wretched sinner (who you happen to label and slander willfully in “thy” site (clearly “thou art practicing thy belief ‘man oh man, it really shows in thy site”) will keep his/her end of the bargain and will remember “thy” grandma in my prayers I will even ask my fellow racist traditionalists to do the same. it’s good to know that at least you still believe in ‘PURGATORY’ or am I reading “thee” wrong on that dogma/doctrine?

I suppose someone took offense to my comparison of traditionalists with Americanists. No worries. . . got your IP address and I know who you are.

For more information, check out my Response to Radical Traditionalists. For those who do not understand the controversy, traditionalists argue against both the Novus Ordo Missae (the new order of the Mass since 1960) and against the Second Vatican Council as heresy. Which makes more than a few of them schismatic and heretics themselves (thought not all). My comparison of traditionalists to progressives burned more than a few traditionalists, and this tract has made its way around in Catholic circles.

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