The Political Intimidation of Mike Rothfeld

Few things have made me more disillusioned and angry about the political process as the policial intimidation being forced upon Mike Rothfeld:

“‘This is political persecution designed to intimidate people from running for office,’ said Russ Moulton of Spotsylvania, the 1st District Republican committee chairman, who supported Chichester’s opponent last year. ‘Anyone else, there would be a simple civil penalty assessed. [It’s] designed to stamp out the democratic process.'”

Let’s make things very clear. In June 2003, it was Rothfeld who was villified as the negative, nasty, no-holds barred campaigner and Chichester as the grandfatherly and benevolent senator.

In June 2004, we have seen the largest tax hike in Virginia history, political intimidation, harassment in the form of lawsuits, challenges to Mike’s supporters both locally and within the 1st District GOP Committee, and an expansion of these things to those who challenged Senators Norment and Potts.

The question has to be raised: Who here is displaying the vindictiveness that was charged in 2003? Who is using the tactics of political intimidation?

Perhaps the better question to ask is when will those who exercise these tactics be held accountable?

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