How Many Do We Have To Find?!

The Free Lance-Star had this interesting article this morning entitled Briefcase baffles authorities

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. It’s not just baffling authorities. . .

A man who lives in the 9800 block of Leavells Road in Spotsylvania found the briefcase in the woods behind his house Saturday evening.

It looked so strange, he didn’t open it. Instead, he carefully placed it on the trunk of his car and called police.

When a deputy took a peek inside, he saw terrorism manuals, vials marked as biological agents and files upon files in Arabic, Sheriff Howard Smith said yesterday.

So what does the FBI claim it is?

When an agent from the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Group arrived, he immediately recognized the briefcase as a training aid. He told authorities he thought it probably belonged to the CIA.

“When we called the CIA, they would neither confirm or deny whether it was theirs,” Smith said.

Let’s add to the stack this snip from the tail end of the article:

A similar incident in February 2003 shut down Spotsylvania’s Southpoint Plaza off U.S. 1 after a McDonald’s employee found a pipe bomb in a trash bin.

The device turned out to be an inert bomb used by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in training at Fort A.P. Hill. It had been stolen from an ATF agent’s car.

If the Fredericksburg area is being used as a training ground for terrorism, then certainly law enforcement should be informed and press like this (and the unnecessary alarm that follows) avoided. That’s what would seem rational, but for whatever reason it has not occured. Which leads one to question why so much focus is on this area and whether or not we should be better prepared as citizens?

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