Anchoress: Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Might not be the best titled post in the world, but take about five minutes of your time and watch how a single good example can make a difference:

Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller fame) is probably the hardest of the hard core when it comes to atheism. That he was this visibly moved tells me a lot, not just about the character of the man proselytizing, but also about Jillette’s character as well.

Now this was the effect of just one good example. Imagine if it were hundreds? And do you and I live our faith in this way?

In my brief experience in this world, I have discovered atheists to have just a devout “search for God” as some of the holiest of men and women I’ve met. Rarely do I meet the “lazy atheist” (more properly termed an agnostic) who just doesn’t believe in at least the idea of a higher being. I have found more often than not that otherwise well-intentioned yet rigid individuals will present their faith in terms of fanaticism, which has more to do with coercion than anything else.

I think this video is quite awesome. That Jillette had the courage and intellectual honesty to post his reflections is pretty amazing unto itself. Let’s hope it leads somewhere interesting.

(h/t to The Anchoress)

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