Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend John?

22 November 1963, President Jack Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Today is the 43rd anniversary.

The Free Lance-Star has a personal account of Lori Deem, who saw Kennedy’s procession in Washington on 24 November:

Later Deem and her mother waited in a 40-block line to pass by the casket in the rotunda.

‘As they were going by, you could see people’s mouths moving,’ in silent prayer, Deem said.

And the next day she and her mother returned to Washington to visit Kennedy’s new grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today Deem wonders how a city could be so silent.

‘To me it was amazing,’ she said, ‘to have all those people and the absence of sound.’

Good article. Meanwhile, timed just for the anniversary of Jack Kennedy’s death is new speculation about Senator Robert Kennedy’s death from the BBC.

Yes yes… John Kennedy for avid readers of this site is my favorite president, and no I don’t dwell on his assassination as some sort of plot. All this having been said, Profiles in Courage should be required reading of anyone wishing to enter public service. Naturally, Virginia’s own Thomas Jefferson comes a very close second.

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