Barticles: The RK Brain-Teaser Challenge

Bart Hinkle over at the RTD effortlessly destroys the logicians at Raising Kaine, which in turn quickly enfeebles themselves with a response:

In other words, when the Republicans start attacking the freedom of minority groups that aren’t well represented in government (to marry, to work, to pray without fear of harassment), you better believe that RK will call them on it — public opinion be damned.

Ah yes. How dramatic.

Didn’t Harry Frankfurt write a fairly popular book on this sort of positioning? Our hyperbolic diary author would have been better served to write, “Why yes Mr. Hinkle, you are correct sir — it’s not pandering or playing to the crowd when we do it!”

Absolutely maddening… go read the exchange and judge for yourself.

UPDATE: Jerry Furhman speaks From on High:

Read the whole thing. Mr. Hinkle cites a number of examples where the kids at Raising Kaine criticize Republicans for shamelessly pandering … and for shamelessly not pandering. Ricocheting off the walls like adolescents who really don’t have a clue.

Lynn Mitchell over at SWAC Girl echoes the comments

DISCLAIMER: Yes yes… RK is a group blog, and you can’t blame the group for everything that is posted on RK… still, a bit of discretion (and thought) would be awful nice…

DISCLAIMER x2: And yes, you’ll probably smirk at the title of Frankfurt’s book, but it (and it’s sequel, On Truth) is an excellent read, and not just a neat gift because you enjoy handing out such items to friends… if you have the book and haven’t read it, you are doing yourself a terrible disservice.

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