Beltway Blogroll: Welcome Jon Henke!

Danny over at the Beltway Blogroll takes credit for the hard work of the collective efforts of the Virginia Blogosphere:

Coincidence? You decide, but I think I’ll take credit for this one. Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters also should take a bow. He recommended Henke to Allen in a post last week.

As for Henke’s new gig, this is what he told QandO readers: “Obviously, this will change my focus quite a bit, but I will continue to blog at QandO whenever possible, generally on the issues and stories in this very important Virginia Senate race. … I’ll include the following disclaimer at the bottom of every post I write: Jon Henke is the Netroots Coordinator for the George Allen Senate campaign.”

Now for some advice to Henke and the Allen campaign: Change the name of the job description. “Netroots” is a term coined by and associated with bloggers on the left — you know, the ones that folks on the right derisively call the “nutroots.” That’s not exactly the message you want to be sending fresh out of the blog gate.

Free advice being what you pay for it…

A belated congratulations to Mr. Jon Henke for taking on an incredible task, one I am absolutely confident he will excel. Anyone who reads QandO knows the caliber of blogger Jon Henke is, and compared to what the Webbsters have lined up, I’m already starting to feel sorry for the liberals.

They just got outgunned, outclassed, and outmaneuvered. Better news: Jon just got started.

Republicans have always seemed just one step behind the Democrats when it comes to netroots mobilization. No longer — the sleeping giant is starting to stretch.

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