Charlottesville to Regulate Yard Sales?

Having solved all the other problems of civil society, the busybodies of Charlottesville have now turned to the blight upon public order that is the yard sale, as the RTD’s Bart Hinkle explains:

TO THEIR credit, some members of Charlottesville’s planning commission seem skeptical about the proposal. After all, city ordinances already regulate the posting of signs on public rights-of-way.

Yet there remains concern that . . . well, it’s not quite clear what the concern is. The city doesn’t want people to run a business as a yard sale: no buying junk on eBay and reselling it on your driveway — that sort of thing. But then that’s already illegal. Regulating yard sales more tightly might enable the city to crack down on these renegade resellers, if there are any, or many.

But then there’s no word on why, exactly, profitable home businesses run as yard sales ought to be verboten, except that they are . . . well, there just oughtta be a law, that’s all. Who knows but the city might be missing out on some sales taxes and BPOL (that’s Business, Professional, and Occupational License) revenue.

Renegade yard sales.  Only in Charlottesville.

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