Courts to Harrisburg: Governments Don’t Go Bankrupt

…and good on the federal courts for forcing Harrisburg to make tough calls:

The Susquehanna River city of 50,000 is saddled with about $300 million in debt tied to its nearly 40-year-old trash incinerator. Beset by environmental problems and fines for years, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shut it down in 2003 with about $100 million in debt already piled on it, some of which had gone to finance other city projects.

Guess we’ll be a bit more careful about where to place the public trust next time, won’t we?

Lessons learned? ¬†Governance is hard work… but you pay your bills. ¬†All the more reason for taxpayers to keep a keen eye when the public trust is used for back risky initiatives — public or corporate.

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