Deeds Up With Yet Another Poll…

Now this is odd.  Just weeks after conducting a poll and just after a series of brusing poll numbers from SurveyUSA and Rasmussen, the Dems are going in for another round of expensive polling, this time through PPP (Public Policy Polling).


Look to Washington for that answer.  Obama’s had another consecutive week of bad press and mishaps, Deeds most memorable line is about emasculating animals, and McDonnell and the entire GOP ticket in Virginia are enjoying double-digit leads.

Ostensibly, the PPP poll will come back with narrower margins across the board.  One would have to doubt very seriously if the poll shows some evening up (though that looks better for the RCP averages).

Deeds isn’t in freefall just yet, but when someone is constantly checking the temperature of the patient, that’s not a sign that Democrats internally are thinking surge — they’re trying to stop the bleeding.

UPDATE: Don’t like those early poll results?  Well, just keep polling ’til you get something you like!  God bless Twitter.

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