FIRST THINGS: Barack Obama = Stephen Douglas?

Proving once again that the Society of Jesus are still the intellectual “shock troops” of the Catholic Church, Fr. Oakes performs an amazing exegesis of Obama’s position on abortion, and the distant-yet-firm hope that maybe… just maybe it was Alan Keyes who showed the way:

Needless to say, Mr. Obama’s campaign staff advised him to ignore his opponent completely. But that proved impossible because, like Abraham Lincoln

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in his campaign for the U.S. Senate against Stephen Douglas in 1858 (who also initially refused to debate Lincoln), Mr. Keyes followed Mr. Obama’s every campaign stop and then made use of this free publicity to badger his opponent with news-making sound-bites.

And just as Douglas finally had to take notice of Lincoln’s ceaseless hammering away at Douglas’s “pro-choice” platform (which said, in effect, “I’m personally opposed to slavery but can’t impose my choice on other states, including other Northern

states.”), so too Mr. Obama could not help feeling stung by the same argument when applied to him.

Excellent work.  Read it all.

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