FLS: Frawley faces another DUI charge

This will make DUI number three for the University of Mary Washington’s former president:

According to Maryland court records, Frawley was stopped by police at 10:50 p.m. on April 10 at 2908 Virgilia St., in Rockville, Md., driving a 1997 Toyota with Maryland tags. The court records indicate he produced a Maryland driver’s license.

He was charged with “driving (attempting to drive) a vehicle while under the influence,” according to court records.

UMW’s Board of Visitors fired Frawley last year after he was arrested twice in two days on driving under the influences charges in Virginia, first in Fairfax on April 10, 2007, then the next day in Fredericksburg, when a fellow motorist reported someone driving across the Chatham Bridge with a front tire missing. He told a police officer he had consumed six bottles of cough medicine, according to a police report.

Don’t know the gentleman in question… perhaps only by reputation. This is entirely not in consonance with Frawley’s former reputation at Mary Washington.

I sincerely hope he finds help soon. Stories such as these are difficult to read, but hopefully will make an excellent opportunity for Frawley to rebound (and a great story for both him and perhaps a rarely-forgiving press to tell).

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