FOXNews: McCain/Cantor ’08?

FOX News reports on the inevitability serious consideration of House Minorty Whip Eric Cantor as McCain’s vice-presidential pick:

Cantor, the current chief minority whip in the House, and McCain met privately weeks ago in the Hamptons and Cantor has helped raise more than $10 million from the Jewish community for McCain’s White House bid.

Cantor is the highest ranking Jewish Republican in Congress, and his addition to the ticket is seen by Republicans as a pathway to Jewish support in Florida and a way to secure Virginia for McCain.

Cantor has been a visible McCain surrogate for weeks, appearing frequently on cable news outlets chiefly to promote McCain’s positions on domestic and economic issues. He has been a forceful critic of Obama’s resistance to lifting the federal ban on oil and gas drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less? All Eric Cantor folks. $10 million? That’s more than either Virginia Senate candidate has been able to raise thus far (and Cantor does it in one shot).

Better still, Cantor will bring to the light of day Obama’s terrible record on Israel and terrorism, which is a very real conversation this nation should be having.

McCain/Cantor ’08!

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