FT.com: India plans to build 100 warships

This matters. India is showing a commitment to making the Indian Ocean their sphere of influence, a sphere that will be contested in the long run by the People’s Republic of China.

100 new ships, just to put it in perspective, would bring their total complement to 256. To give this even greater perspective, the PLAN has over 1200 naval vessels, of which 633 are warships, the vast majority of which are amphibious landing craft and coastal vessels in preparation for the “million man swim” to Taiwan, should the need arise.

The United States Navy currently maintains 435 warships.  The Royal Navy has 88, while the Russian Navy has 91 and the French Navy having 41.  Nearby Australia has 51 ships, eight of which are frigates and four are guided missile frigates.

One can assume there is a good deal of modernization going on.  Still, the overwhelming planned sizes of both the Indian and PRC navies tells you the Pax Americana (inherited from the Pax Brittanica) may very well be short lived.

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