General Assembly 2006

So it is slowly dawning on me that the General Assembly will be heading into session in a month or so, and the Virginia blogosphere for all intents and purposes is slowing down (e.g. when NLS has to resort to making his blogroll ratings news, it’s slow).

I’m interested on how the Virginia blogosphere is going to affect the 2006 GA session. We’ve matured a bit, understand our ethics (unwritten or otherwise), the difference between good blogging and rumormongering, and have demonstrated a rather keen awareness of what’s going on in Virginia politics to date.

For instance, would the 2004 tax hike have even occured if a Virginia blogosphere were analyzing, tearing to ribbons, applying pressure, or simply discussing the merits and pitfalls of said legislation? Pick an issue any issue – 2006 will be a proving grounds for what the Virginia blogosphere wants to be. A defining year so to speak.

Some have connections, others I’m sure will be eager to draw conclusions, but whatever the case, 2006 will prove to be a very interesting year.

Much thanks to Jaded JD for friendly corrections.

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