Goofing off with WordPress; Getting Serious About Fluvanna’s Budget

If you see radical changes here over the next few days, ignore them — I’m playing with some PHP code and need a bit of a test bed for the new layout.  So… if it looks funny here, it’s because I’m goofing off.

Site should go back to normal within five minutes (I promise).

In the meantime, discuss my budget proposal for Fluvanna County, which I presented before the rate was advertised on 17 March.

Short scenario — we’re facing a $0.71 (or more) tax increase over the next three years due to two primary factors: (1) the debt service for the high school, and (2) replenishing the cash reserve.

Other factors include a need to spur economic infrastructure (water and broadband), new cruisers for our deputies, an E-911 system for Fluvanna which is 10 years overdue, a solution for post-secondary education, and budget reform.  By including those short term costs, we stand a better chance at growing the economy and relieving the economic pressures on taxpayers.

No fun solutions here.  But taxpayers deserve to know just what kind of bill we’ve been stuck with, and they most certainly deserve a budget that protects their interests while spurring local growth.  Whether we get there is another question altogether.

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