Government Going Too Far (Again)

A mother takes a picture of a father kissing his son’s belly button. They take the photos to get developed. An enterprising developer notices the pictures and presents them to police authorities. Guess what happens next:

When the photos were shown to the police, the couple was arrested, and Kristoff was put in protective custody, while his half-sister, Victoria, was handed over to her birth father.

Teresa Hamaty was released on bond, but wasn’t allowed contact with her children for months.

Charbel Hamaty spent six months in prison before the charges were dropped because of a report submitted by an expert saying there was no criminal intent in the photos.

Six months?!

When Enron abuses the public trust, there is an outcry from citizens and many, many lawsuits with large settlements. When police in Raleigh (or anywhere for that matter) do the same, what are the consequences? The article doesn’t say, but the consequences in this case should be severe.

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