Governor Abuser Fees *Loves* Chucky Schumer’s Money…

The Washington Examiner is reporting that former DNC Chairman Tim Kaine raked in $1.65 million in the last quarter of 2011, besting Allen’s $1.1 million haul by about $500K.

As for cash on hand, Kaine has $3.3 million to Allen’s $2.2 million.  Allen, not having the advantage of Organizing for America or other Obama-affiliated programs, has been spending much of their resources building the ground game necessary to fend of Tim Kaine’s Senate bid.

The kicker in all of this?  Kaine really doesn’t seem terribly focused on running a campaign for U.S. Senate, but rather is more concerned with ensuring Obama wins Virginia in the upcoming presidential contest.

How bad is it?  Kaine is still running amok in Virginia lashing his raft to Obama’s sinking ship. Crank the speakers up on this one:

“Unabashed supporter of the president.”

Wow. Betcha that will play well with independent voters, Timmay.

Despite Kaine’s efforts to drive a wedge between Allen and the Tea Party (59% of whom support Allen), Kaine is losing virtually every major demographic in Virginia needed to win on Election Day. How is Chuck Schumer’s blank check going to endear Kaine with Virginia’s hunters and firearm owners?

After all, why would anyone want to turn Governor Abuser Fees into Senator Abuser Fees?

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