Hill vs. Spotsy Board of Supervisors

Even after the Gibson Report was published outlining $31 million dollars in waste, and even after a proposed $41 million bond referendum being put forward by the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, Spotsylvania Superintendent Jerry Hill has not only decided to rebuff the referendum, but to hire attorneys to enforce his will:

After the meeting, Spotsylvania Superintendent Jerry Hill said he hopes to avoid legal action, but there has been no fruitful communication between the two boards.

‘They’ve been unwilling to meet,’ Hill said. ‘They’ve been unwilling to sit down and discuss the issues we’ve requested.’

But when reached by phone late last night, Bob Hagan, chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said he considers it too close to the election to make any changes to the referendum amount, other than to cancel it altogether.

‘The only change we could make to it now would be to drop it, and I’m sure the Board of Supervisors would listen to that request, if that is the request the schools are making,’ Hagan said.

Hill is demanding $184.8 million dollars in bonds for school construction. Wisely, the Spotsy BOS is demanding reform first. School board spending has increased dramatically over the past five years, well beyond the pace of growth and showing no signs of cooling off.

Curious to know why Republican Supervisors Jackson and Yakabouski weren’t consulted for this article, when they most of all have asked for this kind of fiscal restraint.

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