“I made myself clear, Young Lady!”

It would seem that by virtually every account — blog, attendees, reporters, etc. — that today was not Creigh Deeds’ best day.  Most alarming (for self-styled “progressives” anyhow) from a policy perspective was Deeds flip-flopping on “cap and trade” which places him in extreme opposition not only to members of the Virginia Democratic congressional delegation (U.S. Senator Warner of note), but with DNC Chairman, part-time Governor Tim Kaine, and Vice President Joe Biden who has vowed that — were Biden to have it his way — there would be “no coal plants in America.”

This sadly was one of many backpedaling maneuvers for Deeds, who struggled all afternoon to find his footing.  Not only did McDonnell absolutely clobber Deeds (supposedly Deeds ended the debate quite agitated), it is the post debate “scrum” with reporters  raising eyebrows tonight.

Though Deeds tried his best to deflect quesitons as to whether he would raise taxes, reporters continued to pressure him.  Deeds was clearly uncomfortable during the Q & A session.  As Deeds finally started to lose his cool after a few minutes, it was Free Lance-Star reporter Chelyen Davis who very nearly drew Deeds anger out.  You can draw your own conclusions.

No transcript is going to do this justice. But after weeks of pounding McDonnell on his position on women, was it this really appropriate?

“But where’s the context!” a skeptic may ask?  Well… the feature length film is right here.  Start at 1:30 and listen to the first question, then notice the very pregnant 3-second pause Deeds gives to Chelyen’s question at about 1:40 before he spins around on her, then consequently turns his back to avoid her:

Of course, Deeds face isn’t to the camera, which is why the first video’s vantage point — and that oh-so-condescending smile — adds quite a bit to this story.

I fully expect Deeds to apologize.  Knowing Chelyen professionally, she will more than likely graciously accept the apology if/when offered.  Still, I’m not sure I’d appreciate my daughter/wife/sister being talked to like that.  Granted, Deeds was in a box and didn’t want to answer the question, and reporters smelled blood in the water (not to offer advice — but we’ll respect you a lot more Sen. Deeds  if you’d say “yes, the best funding mechanism for funding transportation properly is to place the cost on those who use the roads with a gas tax,” but who am I to offer advice) and rightly pushed the question.

That doesn’t give the candidate the right to condescend to anyone in that fashion, though.  And no — I will not whine about how McDonnell would have been treated far differently by the MSM for doing something similar.  That I will leave to the gentle reader’s imagination…

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