Jim Webb: On the Issues Part 1

You gotta love this, straight from the horse’s mouth too. Jim Webb asks himself on his website: “What’s the greatest challenge today facing America?”:

There are many challenges facing Americans today: an unpopular war, skyrocketing health care costs, a shrinking job market and rising inequality in society.

Setting up for the answer, right?

I believe in the strength of American character and the ingenuity of the American people.

Me too, but that’s not an answer…

With the right leaders we can overcome all of these obstacles.

True, but where’s the answer Jim?

America doesn’t lack ideas, it lacks leaders willing to stand up and make courageous decisions.

You said that, Jim. What’s the “greatest challenge” facing America, Jim?

I have fought — and continue to fight — to protect American values.


I fought in Vietnam with the hope that the Vietnamese might share the same freedoms we enjoy.

Yet if those people were say Iraqis or Afghanis, who cares, right?

I fought as a congressional committee counselor to guarantee our veterans the treatment they deserve.

You and every other politician running for office.

I fought as Secretary of the Navy to maintain the excellence of our military.

And failed, but thanks for trying…

I fought, pro bono, on behalf of countless veterans and refugees, in order that they might have their voices heard in the vast government bureaucracy.

ANSWER YOUR OWN QUESTION, JIM!!! Last chance… drumroll please…

And I will fight in the Senate to give all Americans the chance to achieve their dreams.

So where is Jim on Iraq? Taxes? Economy? The Confederate Flag (Webb’s prior claim to fame being his defense of all things South)? Terrorism? And which of these issues is Webb willing to sell out on to “balance the budget”?

You know, it’s a particularly sad statement when you ask yourself a question on your own website — and refuse to answer your own question… So what is the greatest challenge facing America, Jim? The non-answer speaks volumes.

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