Les Miserables Returns To The Silver Screen

Victor Hugo’s epic novel has captured anyone with the patience to read the lengthy book.  Filled with Catholic imagery and gritty realism, this book sets the standard for the future work of Belloc and Chesterton with regards to Catholic distributism and social justice.

Provided Hollywood doesn’t ruin it first.  This looks promising, though:

Of course, I always worry that adaptations such as these remove their timeless character by imposing modern events or interpretations — a cheap gnosticism if there ever was one — on the film itself.  Rather, Les Miserables is a timeless work because it speaks regardless of modern events or interpretation…

I hope that survives here.  If it does, this Christmas Day could give us a very worthwhile opportunity to give others a taste of Victor Hugo’s masterful book.  Or even better, encourage folks to pick up a copy before the movie premiers.

UPDATE:  Looks like the first trailer got yanked.  Here’s the MSN version:

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