Mason Conservative: When Speaker’s Zing

Delegate Ward Armstrong (D-Henry) is entertaining statewide ambitions.  Speaker Bill Howell is… well, just entertaining.

For those not familiar with the antics of Virginia’s House of Commons Delegates, this is wholly appropriate.  Whether or not Ward Armstrong will ever be able to sell himself as something other than a socialist remains to be seen.  For those who remember, Armstrong defeated Frank Hall for the spot of House Democratic leader in 2007 after some bruised feelings and a bit of contention.

Three years into the role, it seems as if Armstrong would like to follow Brian Moran as the next failed Democratic statewide candidate to hail from the House of Delegates.  Bon voyage!

…I mean, I get that pendulums swing and all, but do the House Democrats really think this environment is going to propel any liberal/progressive into statewide office in 2012?  2013?  That’s four years, I know, but that’s an eternity to be counting chickens.

(h/t Mason Conservative)

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