Mongolian Rednecks?

Holidays in Mongolia aren’t much different than any given holiday in Central Virginia.  We all go out, go hunting, have about a quart of arkhi to get drunk stay warm, and find some local varmint to shoot:

The first thing you’ll want to do is get fantastically drunk; Exceptionally so. There are many ways to achieve this, but for those seeking authenticity, a quart of fermented horse milk vodka, arkhi, will do the trick. After this, hunting and pursuing your prey will go much smoother (or if not smoother, perhaps more enjoyable). That’s just where those berries come in handy—acquire a decent sized handful, place them under a box held up with stick tied to a string—just like you saw in those roadrunner cartoons. Should this take too long, mount up and blast the varmint with a rifle, Yosemite Sam style.

Frankly, looking at the pictures, these guys know how to make a meal…

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