New Look?

Maybe… though I haven’t quite sold myself on it.  One thing is for certain — the days of blogging once every few days (weeks?) are over.

What’s happened?  With the previous design, I thought I could get away with quality posts over the quantity of posts.  Though this works for a time, it didn’t quite stitch itself together with the old design.  Sure some of the rare posts did get a lot of traffic, but I can’t say is enjoying the luster it enjoyed back in 2005 and 2006 when it was a top dog in Virginia.

So it’s back to basics.  And a bit less worry about being effective in the Virginia blogosphere or playing team ball.  Sure blogs can move public opinion, and yes — by ignoring the medium, you might as well take a cart and buggy out on the NASCAR circuit.

Still, not only is the medium dying a death-by-infohaze — how do you separate the nonsense from the reality? —  the fact of the matter is that two immutable facts still stand out.

1.  Social media has found its niche.
2.  Traditional media still rules the roost.

    We can pontificate all we want about print media or the MSM dying off, about advertisers leaving in droves for non-traditional methods of public relations.  Bottom line remains that no blog (or blogger) is going to adequately take on those who buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.  It’s a big world, and those who make it move could care less what’s on your Twitter feed.

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