On Deficit Spending, We Want Our Cake…

Want the budget problem in a nutshell?  Americans want less spending, so where would you cut?

Bruce Drake over at Politics Daily makes the point in an oh-so-delicate fashion about which politicians would dread to speak openly:

A majority opposed cuts even in an area that might seem vulnerable in hard times, like funding for the arts and sciences.

Six out of 10 Americans, or more, opposed cuts in Medicare, Social Security and education. Entitlements like Medicare and Social Security are among the major drivers in government spending.

Gotta cut somewhere folks.  It’s either going to be entitlements, education, or defense spending — pick two to save, but we’re falling down on one of them and forking the responsibilities back to the people, not because of a political decision, but merely because America can’t afford the massive cost.

…state and local governments too.

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