OTB: Good News In the Housing Market

The housing market seems to have hit bottom, which is great news for anyone who is thinking about buying a home in the next three months. By springtime, we’ll be back to the same frantic pace we were two years ago. Then you’ll be able to utilize sites like getagent.co.uk to find the right real estate agent to buy your house with.

Why? Because the demand for housing is going up, rental costs are increasing, and people certainly aren’t moving out of Virginia…

Add to the stack that not only does Virginia have an exploding tech industry, government (both state and federal) is always in business.

Naturally, this dovetails into a favorite topic of mine: affordable housing and smart growth. I won’t bore anyone with the strum-und-drang, but I will mention it as food for thought as the housing market rebounds. Those looking to enter the housing market themselves may require a mortgage to do so – doctors may want to check out physician loans florida as a way of securing the loan they need to buy a particular property.

I will never forget moving into my first house. It was a very bittersweet day, but it went relatively smoothly. We hired a moving company similar to Air Van Moving and they did such a fantastic job of making sure that all our furniture and belongings arrived safely. If you are moving house soon and are considering hiring a moving company I would definitely encourage you to do so as it saved us a lot of stress.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the housing market? And can you remember how your first move went? And have you been searching for “houses for sale near me” recently? Let me know your thoughts and feelings.

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