Rep. McKinney Punches Officer

McKinney walked past a metal detector, the officer called on her to stop. She didn’t:

Members are not required to pass through metal detectors and the officer, manning a position at Longworth House Office Building, apparently did not recognize McKinney and didn’t see her Member pin.

The officer called out “Ma’am, Ma’am,” in an attempt to stop her.

When the officer caught up to McKinney, he grabbed her by the arm.

McKinney pulled her arm away, swung around, cell phone in hand, and punched the officer square in the chest, according to the witness.

Now granted, if you’re on the phone talking and someone grabs your arm, you might react violently. Why should Rep. McKinney have stopped? She’s a congresswoman, they don’t have too…

Of course in this day and age, one should be prepared to stop when an officer asks, especially in and around Capitol Hill, and even if you are an elected official.

McKinney’s statement should be forthcoming. I’d feel terrible after having done that, but then again I’d probably be cuffed and sitting in a jail cell by now…

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