Roanoke Red Zone

Former State Senator Brandon Bell… is blogging! Bell kicks off by kicking Jim Gilmore, and then by talking about how to bring conservatives and moderates centrists together:

This new leadership team would seem to signify the end of the long standing division between the centrist and conservative wings in the Senate. This is unquestionable a good thing. I spent four years in the Senate working to unite the two factions, a task that could be incredibly frustrating. It is rewarding to see this outcome, if not also a bit disappointing to see it as my term ends.

Very statesman-like. Of course, Bell can offer an insight few others can into the workings of the Virginia Senate, as he joins both former Virginia Governors as bloggers (to some degree).

I’m interested in seeing where this goes, especially if we get more red meat posts like the two Bell has up so far. Worth adding to your RSS feed.

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