RTD: Deeds = Cooter?

Today’s Richmond Times Dispatch hits pretty hard:

Veteran politicos have seen some very well-run campaigns in the commonwealth over the years, and some very poorly run campaigns. But perhaps not since Ben “Cooter” Jones tried to unseat 7th District Rep. Eric Cantor have they seen a prominent campaign as odd as that of gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds.

Truth be told, the criticism about Deeds’ bid for governor being akin to a campaign with ADD rings true.

Campaign themes run to date by Deeds for Governor:

  • Confederate flag? FAIL.
  • Social media outreach?  FAIL.
  • Abortion? FAIL.
  • Special Session?  FAIL.
  • Transportation? FAIL.
  • Public schools?  FAIL.
  • Spaceport?  FAIL.
  • Taxes (both raising and lowering)? FAIL.
  • Hit the reset/overcharge button? FAIL.
  • Gubernatorial salaries? FAIL.
  • …now term papers?  FAIL.

Deeds is lashing out for virtually every campaign issue he can grasp at this point, and nothing seems to be working.

Worst run campaign since Ben “Cooter” Jones?  Maybe…

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