Runaway School Board to sue Spotsylvania County taxpayers

More on the war of words between Jerry Hill and the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors:

‘I’m really flabbergasted that they have nothing else to do,’ Supervisor Gary Jackson said. ‘I don’t see how this advances educational opportunity for children in Spotsylvania County.’

Jackson suggested he will give a cool reception to future monetary requests from the School Board.

‘My confidence in their judgment is eroding rapidly,’ he said. ‘So when they ask me for money, and this is how they want to spend money, I don’t have a very good attitude. I’m really disgusted by it.’

Board Chairman Bob Hagan complained of the school board’s decision to ‘communicate with us through the newspaper.’

What I and other taxpayers want to know is why the Gibson report findings haven’t been rapidly implemented? Why the dragging of feet by Jerry Hill and this school board? To make matters worse, how is more money going to fix the gross lack of efficiency in the Spotsylvania school system?

The fact is that no amount of money is going to fix it, and worse still is that Jerry Hill and the School Board simply don’t care – to the point of wasting more taxpayer dollars to justify the waste that’s already there.

Until there is some serious reform at the Spotsylvania School Board in how our tax dollars are spent, the budget shouldn’t rise a single red cent until the reforms are fully implemented and the waste and inefficencies eliminated. Period.

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