RWL: Gilmore Breaks Out the Tin Foil Hats!

D.J. McGuire describes what he calls (rightly) the “most creative conspiracy theory I’ve ever seen.

Apparently, because Bob Marshall prefers nuclear power to fossil fuels, and because he his record against “sprawl” won him the endorsement of the Sierra Club in his House of Delegate races, STD sees the entire Marshall for Senate campaign as a sinister Eco-Nazi conspiracy.

Rappahannod Red gives us this hilarious take:

The Right-Wing Liberal (a conservative blog if you don’t get the pun) had a nice roundup of the desperation of the few remaining Gilmore bloggers who haven’t jumped the sinking ship yet.

Needless to say, Mrs. Kenney informs me that there is a fairly vicious screed from Team Gilmore at the house via snail mail, saying Marshall isn’t a “reliable conservative” and listing votes viewed as favorable by the Sierra Club as one of his many sins.

Sounds like the wheels are coming off to me.

UPDATE: Marshall’s staff has the Gilmore slick… and it looks like something from the hit-and-run playbook. Clearly this hit piece isn’t the hallmark of someone confident of victory.

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