SMB: Is Senator Lucas trying to influence City Council?

…and when Scott’s doing the asking, there’s going to be an answer:

Senator Louise Lucas’ two corporations, Victory Conference Center LLC and Victory Conference Center Hotel LLC, have filed a lawsuit against the City of Portsmouth for failing to give her access to 38 million dollars in bonds for a business venture.

She is claiming, oh wait, I’m sorry, the corporations are claiming that City Council denied her, oh wait, I’m sorry again, the corporations access to the bonds because she is, darn, I did it again, the corporations are primarily African-American owned.

Did I mention that Victory Conference Center Hotel, LLC is owned entirely by Senator Lucas and only Victory Conference Center, LLC is owned by the investors and Senator Lucas?

That’s a pretty damned hardcore strongarming tactic if you ask me. Let’s hope the MSM gets to the middle of it (before the blogosphere does anyhow).

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