Some changes here at

For those of you who do not know already, last Tuesday, November 03rd I won in a general election for county supervisor here in Fluvanna County by a 3.5% margin.  It was a tremendous win, backed by some of the most wonderful human beings and supporters a candidate could ask for.

The difference now is shifting gears from mere commentator and blogger to a blogging elected official.

As such, stay tuned for some changes here at  Yes, there will be a redesign, and hopefully an effort to make local government a bit more transparent and open.  More than this, the personal touch doesn’t go away… so it’ll be all the commentary I’ve been known to offer plus a heavy dose of Fluvanna County’s comings and goings.

What’s the goal?  I want to be able to offer an idea of what local elected officials can do for their community online.  There are a host of excellent resources for local officials to keep in touch with their constituencies.  Better than this, social media provides an excellent avenue for others to access their representatives.

If social media really is all about connectivity, openness, and transparency, I’m going to give it my best shot.  Stay tuned!

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