Swan Song…

Four years. That’s a long time to blog.

As we get closer and closer to updating the RPV website, my place will be over there shortly. Which means this place – for the purposes of blogging – gets to be in limbo for a time. A long time.

So what do I leave behind? An admonishment. Virginia’s blogosphere is one of the most sophisticated, collegial, and advanced in the nation. It is this way because many of us have decided to treat one another in a constructive and ethical manner, and for a reason. Our blogosphere is highly susceptible to corruption; by anonymous hacks, by hijackers blogging pseudonymously, by paid bloggers (such as myself), and by our own human nature.

What works in our favor is a great deal of Virginia tradition, a general desire for ethical blogging, and a hope that our voice and thoughts will make the Commonwealth a better place to live.

Stay principled, jealously guard your reputations, and blog for right reasons!

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