The Debate Continues…

Too Conservative was kind enough to respond to the concerns I had below. I don’t know what the dynamics are in Northern Virginia when it comes to malcontents, but I felt I should offer the following rejoinder to this thought:

I can’t believe you would condone the running away of precious voters…as without these voters we have no party.

Fighting for the middle gains us nothing but the middle. Don’t dream for a second that the liberals have any intention of compromising their beliefs, as every tax hike, every growth of government, every imposition of the state is a victory to them.
Bush’s numbers only dipped into the low 30’s when he approved of moderate SCOTUS appointees.

How many conservatives are staying home because a select few seek moderation with our political adversaries over ideological principle with our (supposed) friends?

I happen to think Colonel Black is a good man, and the only people who label him extremist are those who feel the abortion industry should continue to consume unabated.

That’s extremism.

Colonel Black saying it should end and passing around plastic visualization tools is one way of pointing that out. What I find ironic is that some liberals find this to be distasteful, yet they can approve of the actions that would kill children the same size…

I’m not saying that adversarial politics should be the norm. I deplore it, I don’t approve of it, and the politics of Northern Virginia notwithstanding I do my best to discourage it.

But so long as otherwise conservative individuals are willing to give in to political pressure, I have no respect for that. It’s a character weakness of the most despicable sort.

I would rather be a minority party firm on conservative principles of Reagan and Goldwater, than a majority party more attuned to the demands of liberals like Tim Kaine.

Ultimately, our elected officials have to decide whether they are going to continue to press forward on principle, or simply remain in power for it’s own sake.

If the former, I applaud it and say let us continue. If the latter, I’d much rather not be a member of a party that stands for nothing other than being in power.

If I wanted that, I’d be a Democrat.

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