The McBollingNelli Broom Is Out

Much to the dismay of the journalists at the Washington Post, the top three GOP candidates aren’t just talking win… they’re talking sweep:

It was Cuccinelli– introduced to the crowd as Ken “Don’t Tread on Me” Cuccinelli — who held up the broom, which he had been handed as he made his way to the load dock that served as a stage.

He urged the crowd of more than 200 to work hard in the next three days to deliver victory in Fairfax County and beyond.

“If we do it right here in Fairfax, guess what we’re going to be saying on election night?” he said, brushing the broom over the floor, as the crowd shouted out “sweep!!”

The credibility of the Washington Post is shot right through at this point, so the bit of schadenfreude watching the defeatism on the Virginia Politics blog is just too good to miss out on.

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