The Only Republican in America Who Thinks Mitt Romney Got Destroyed

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 03:  Republican president...

So am I the only guy who thinks this MSM appointed “victory” feels a lot like this?

…so just 24 hours ago, the mainstream media was evil.

Today? Heroes… because they have anointed Mitt Romney the winner of the first presidential debate.


I was watching the entire debate via C-SPAN. No commentary, just the raw feed. What I saw was President Obama talking about the issues he wanted to talk about, and Mitt Romney defending a non-existent record.

On two separate occasions, Romney had clear and unobstructed shots to land hard punches on Obama: (1) with regards to the $5 trillion “tax cut” vs. the $5 trillion in deficit spending Obama has already racked up, and (2) the $2.8 billion in subsidies to oil companies vs. the $90 billion devoted to Obama’s campaign contributors through failed firms like Solyndra.

Both times, Romney could have won the entire election. Both times, Romney wanted it too bad and flubbed it. Instead of home runs, he swung wildly and settled for base hits.

…and the media calls it victory.

…and conservatives swallow it whole.

There were a number of things not discussed that I would have loved to have seen brought up: civil liberties, life, government involvement in non-profits, ending the Fed, the gold standard, qualitative easing, etc.

So why am I so distraught at Romney’s debate performance vs. Obama’s debate performance? Seven reasons:

1. Romney looked into the camera precisely two times. Obama did it frequently. In terms of debate technique, Obama (apart from the fact that he was clearly distracted and did not want to be there) did it perfectly — separate yourself from the opposition, speak to the moderator, make your points to the public. Romney? The precise opposite.

2. Romney wanted it too badly. You could tell — he was a kid in a candy shop whose mother couldn’t hold him back. Obama? A guy who was trying to explain himself and make the case to stay the course. Which he didn’t do, objectively… but he tried.

3. Two opportunities to KO Obama missed. $5 trillion and Solyndra… wide open hammer shots. Completely flubbed.

4. My inner libertarian just cringed. No discussion of civil liberties, just a conversation about how we’re going to make Barack Obama’s policies better. Egads… I think the conversation should have been firmly on whether American constitutional rights are being and will be upheld. I know many people were keen to hear the ‘difficult’ subjects being discussed, particularly gun rights. Concealed carry is a hot topic in second-amendment-supporting circles right now. Conservative politicians would do well to discuss matters like ccw reciprocity as these are likely things that their voters care about greatly.

5. Nothing on social issues. Nada, zip, zapola.

6. Overall, the American people wanted to see whether or not Mitt Romney was an acceptable alternative to Barack Obama — and the answer to that question is now a “yes” by any standard. By and large, people are just plain fed up with Washington and everything Barack Obama stands for. Mitt Romney didn’t blow anyone away… but he wasn’t the antichrist that the progressives have painted him to be. Ergo, Romney wins the interview for the POTUS slot.

7. Obama was distracted. The last two times President Obama was that distracted and gave such a horrible performance as a public speaker, we (a) tagged and bagged Osama bin Laden, or (b) the Arab world exploded in a day of rage that cost the lives three Americans — one of whom was an American ambassador. What’s on his plate this time?

The worst part of it all? The MSM is the one declaring this a Romney victory. They build us up just to let us down? Don’t be shocked if it comes true, folks…

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