UK Guardian: Why Handwriting Matters

I will be the first to proudly admit this.  I own a fountain pen, and I am damn proud of it.

…and I wish I had paid more attention to handwriting class at Montfort Academy:

For each of us, the act of putting marks on paper with ink goes back as far as we can probably remember. At some point, somebody comes along and tells us that if you make a rounded shape and then join it to a straight vertical line, that means the letter “a”, just like the ones you see in the book. (But the ones in the book have a little umbrella over the top, don’t they? Never mind that, for the moment: this is how we make them for ourselves.) If you make a different rounded shape, in the opposite direction, and a taller vertical line, then that means the letter “b”. Do you see? And then a rounded shape, in the same direction as the first letter, but not joined to anything – that makes a “c”. And off you go.

Great article, and it looks as if it’s a great book, too.

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