Union Thugs Attack Tabitha Hale

So threatening speech is bad, but when a union thug smacks Tabitha Hale over at FreedomWorks, this passes by without comment from the MSM?


The outrage here is palpable.  Tom White vents a little frustration with the whole episode:

Yesterday, a number of union thugs arrived at the FreedomWorks offices a few blocks from the White House. As we have all seen, these out of control mobs were everything that the left wingers accused the TEA Party if being – only there was absolutely no truth to the “fears” of violence and mayhem from the peaceful TEA Party protesters. But we all have had a big dose of the thuggery that Nancy Pelosi and the out of touch Progressives wished the TEA Party would become.

But it hits especially close to home when a friend, fellow blogger and peaceful believer in the Founding Father’s vision for America is viciously attacked by the violent union street thugs that former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine is organizing and inciting to this level of hatred in coordination with Obama’s “grassroots” shenanigans. (Note: This is the exact definition of AstroTurfing.)

…and he’s right. The unions are astroturfing. No criticism from the MSM, though there is this mythical expectation for “civility” from the right while union goons are punching young ladies in Washington.

UPDATE: And this fella waving fingers in this guys face? Clearly trying to incite a physical response, and sadly, very typical…

(h/t to Tom White over at VA Right)

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