Virginia Black Conservatives

Always glad to pass along new Virginia blogs, in today’s contribution of awesome I give you: Virginia Black Conservatives.

Here’s a sample of the awesome:

I’ve been discouraged lately by the lack of enthusiasm that the blogosphere has had for welcoming the growing population of black Republicans into the fold. I have heard for many years, and have said many times myself, that our party is a big tent party. I believe we’ve got the best opportunity we’ve had in decades to recruit more people like myself into our party. Yet it seems that the only thing that generates responses out here in the blogs is conflict. If I post a video or a blog post about the growing minority movement in the GOP I get no responses. But if I attack a fellow Republican, I can generate 50-60 comments. Why are we more interested in seeing cat fights than building our party?

I want to capitalize on the movement that my fellow African-Americans are putting together to strengthen our party, but I can’t do it alone. It’s time we prove to the Democrats that minorities are not their slaves and they don’t own our lives or this country.

This is the time to show the country real change – that the Republican Party is the party of the future, not just the party of old rich white dudes. It’s time to remind everyone what we stand for – life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue the American dream.

Now how can you not add this blog to your RSS reader with thoughtful commentary like that?

Frankly, the author (fdgoldwater — a pseudonym, but I’ll let that pass) is absolutely correct: Republicans have always shown a tendency to be “more pure” in their ideology than the other Republican standing next to them.  As the party of free minds, free markets, and a free society we should expect nothing less than the healthy competition of ideas.

Emphasis on healthy.

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