Virginia Virtucon: Team Frederick Accuses Team Hager of Denying Convo Delegates Access to Materials?

So I read this, and decided to see whether or not it was true. Time to call Josh Noland (RPV Comm Dir) and figure out what’s what.

Pick up the phone to do some sleuthing… I decided to live blog the call (well, not really… but you’ll get the general gist of the conversation):

Shaun: Hey, is Josh around?

Josh: Hey.
Shaun: Hey, see this Frederick e-mail on Virtucon? That’s nuts! Is it true?
Josh: No. In fact, Jeff can come and pay to include stuff in the packet right now if he wanted.
Shaun: Really?
Josh: Really.
Shaun: Wow. Did anyone else have to pay?
Josh: Sure. Most everyone participated except Bob Marshall.
Shaun: Everyone?
Josh: John Brownlee paid to put stuff in there.
Shaun: Wow.
Josh: Yeah. Even the Log Cabin Republicans paid to put literature in the convention packets.
Shaun: Really?
Josh: Yep.

But not Jeff Frederick?
Josh: Nope.
Shaun: Gee… that’s kinda messed up.
Josh: *silence*
Shaun: So uhh… how’s things?
Josh: Busy. In fact, I have a ton of other things to worry about.
Shaun: Uhh… yeah… I uhh… I guess that’s true…
Josh: Yep…
Shaun: Umm…. I’ll let you get back to saving America.
Josh: No problem. It’s what we do.


One might think that Frederick would be inclined to financially assist the organization he intends to represent… or is that asking too much?

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