We Should Withdraw From Augusta and Albemarle Counties…

Because clearly, if we can’t secure I-64 from terrorists we are just wasting lives and money, as James Joyner of OTB explains:

My initial reaction was a snark about how we should pull our forces out of Virginia, since we’re obviously unable to ensure security and keep the insurgents at bay.

My more serious thought, though, was to reflect on General Barry McCafferty’s prediction that, “Terrorists will strike at America during the next President’s first term.” Dave Schuler, Steve Verdon and I discussed that last night on OTB Radio and our consensus was that, if terrorists didn’t strike, it was not because of our tremendous investment in security. Indeed, none of us would want to live in a country that implemented the necessary measures to ensure that a terrorist strike was impossible. Or even that some lunatic couldn’t shoot some cars on I-64. (Although I’m a bit surprised that he got away with it in Virginia, a concealed carry state. Lots of his targets were likely armed.)

End snark, but the point still carries weight.

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