Wired: When God Talks To You, It’s Called Prayer…

…and when God talks to you, it’s called schizophrenia:

In Jerusalem, God seems to be particularly chatty around Easter, Passover, and Christmas—the peak seasons for the syndrome. It affects an estimated 50 to 100 tourists each year, the overwhelming majority of whom are evangelical Christians. Some of these cases simply involve tourists becoming momentarily overwhelmed by the religious history of the Holy City, finding themselves discombobulated after an afternoon at the Wailing Wall or experiencing a tsunami of obsessive thoughts after walking the Stations of the Cross. But more severe cases can lead otherwise normal housewives from Dallas or healthy tool-and-die manufacturers from Toledo to hear the voices of angels or fashion the bedsheets of their hotel rooms into makeshift togas and disappear into the Old City babbling prophecy.

Lichtenberg estimates that, in two decades at Herzog, the number of false prophets and self-appointed redeemers he has treated is in the low three figures. In other words, if and when the true Messiah does return (or show up for the first time, depending on what you believe), Lichtenberg is in an ideal spot to be the guy who greets Him.

Wonder where the ideal spot to meet the Antichrist would be?

Articles such as these make the think of the Beatitudes… “blessed are the poor” and so forth. Reminds you that the Messiah, when He came the first time, did so in a manger in the most extreme poverty.

Those who want to find Jesus are best served looking among the poor, the meek, the hungry, the sick and infirm, and those who seek peace.

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